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RE: FIA/GT after race get together - Sat Oct 24th

Guys, as Chris, who I am riding up there with, will not be around that
night, is there a chance I can get a ride from someone to this? I probably
can get to the track, but perhaps if either I leave the track with one of
you to go to the Cantina, or if someone can grab me at the Hotel? I don't
want to miss out on meeting the new ones, or seeing old friends! I could
really use to be around you guys, as the job is killing me and need some

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Steven J. Sherwood [mailto:ssher@home.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 1998 1:16 PM
> Subject: FIA/GT after race get together - Sat Oct 24th
> Ok, heres the deal (if youre interested)
> A bunch of us are either going to the FIA/GT races at
> Laguna Seca Raceway or are willing to get together
> afterwards to talk German (sprechunze?).  Jack Thomas
> from Monterey says that the Baja Cantina is "the" place
> to meet.  So, if you want to joins us, please do so.
> Meeting Location (in Carmel Canyon):
> Baja Cantina
> 7166 Carmel Valley Road
> Valley Hills Center
> Carmel?
> 831-625-2252
> Directions: (check mapquest.com)
> Time: Saturday at 6:30pm or so
> Date: October 24th
> Who: Anybody that wants to come (A4, other Audi owners,
> M3 owners, Yugo owners, we don't care what you drive)
> Why Saturday?:  Some people want Sunday, but alot of people
> need to leave to go home, so Saturday is suggested.
> Additionally, invite anyone else you want to.
> Note: I have yet to confirm this with the wife...so
> I, personally, am tentative right this second.
> Steve Sherwood
> 97 A4 2.8 Quattro
> NorCal A4 Owners Club
> http://www.ns.net/~seang
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