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car titles

> >From the Quattro list:
> >Listmembers! I need your help...
> >I am trying to import an Ur-Q from Canada and have run into some 
> >snaggs, 
>  I have "heard" that cars can be brought in from Canada or
>  Mexico (the older the better), then titled through 
>  States such as Georgia or Alabama (forgot which state)
>  for a small fee.  Once titled in these States the car
>  could be transfered to any state, all without no pesky
>  EPA, DOT or other gubnment intervention. I hear.  

    Somebody forwarded this to me, so I don't know when it was posted or
what answers followed.  I am pretty sure that this is the straight
story, as follows.

    Some states will register an old vehicle, car or motorcycle, based
on a bill of sale.  I know for sure the guidelines in Alabama and
Georgia are - for a vehicle older than 1975, bill of sale is it.  Newer
than 1975 and more than 10 years old is possible in Alabama, but I don't
know the details.  I don't know if these 'title services' get you a
title, or just a registration that's legal in Alabama, and that can then
be transfered into SOME OTHER states. 

    I am certain that Ohio will NOT honor vehicle registration done in
this manner.  I live in Ohio, and have checked with BMV.  Don't know
what other states are on to this process - check with yours <<!>>

    My guess is that if you start of with an Alabama title service title
and then register it in a second state that will accept the Alabama
registration - and then transfer it into your state you could work it.

    As you can see, this is mostly of benefit for antique vehicles - so
that you don't have to get a "special construction" title, or a "self
constructed" title depending on what your state calls it.

    This does not say anything about EPA, DoT, etc certification.  On
that, I think you take your chances - if they become aware of the
vehicle it may be confiscated and you may be fined.  Seems I recall Bill
Gates losing a Porsche 959 this way in the recent past.  Anybody care to
see a $200,000 car go away and be destroyed?
    If you sneak a non-DoT car into the states and change the VIN to
become something that's legal - even if you own the vehicle that the VIN
belongs to - I think you are in felony land in most states.

    - Charlie

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