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Re: 20v TB, replace myself?

---"David B. Kase Jr." <desmo888@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Sick of my endless questions? Well here is another...
> Should I replace the TB myself?  I am mechanically inclined (I fixed
> airplanes for 7 years, I better be) but maybe the job is better done 
> Anyone try a 20v TB out there?  

I recently did a timing belt on my 1991 90 20V.  Wasn't that hard but
I did manage to spread it out into two days with a gap between the
days I worked on it.  When I had it apart I found other things that
needed attention.  I bought the tools from Zelenda, the pulley, belt,
pump etc from GPR and the rest of the stuff locally.  I used body
weight, a tape measure and trigonometry to torque the bolt to 332 ft
lbs.  I used thread sealer on the crankshaft to pulley interface and
the head of the bolt.  No threadlocker.  Mr Audi in the UK uses just
grease on the bolt head which I will do this weekend on a 10v.

> I plan to buy the Bentley but I thought I

The Bently for my 20V wasn't much help but it did give me something to
do endlessly paging through it for bolt torques.  Search the archives
and read those to get a better idea on what is required -- removing
bumper, grill, crossmembers  -- all easy to do but not obvious.
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