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Sorry- Broke EZ out

Ref:  Post of Tue, 13 Oct 1998 22:05:23 -0400

>If you broke an EZ-OUT, you're in a world of hurt.  They be HARD HARD
>HARD... :-(  Did you mean cobalt drill, instead of carbon...next step
>it to try welding a bit of something to the EZO and trying that....

Well said!
I have sometimes had luck breaking the fragment up into smaller
fragments with the smallest of cold chisels and getting a drill
between them (tungsten carbide tile bit I think) and once just
picked the remaining pieces out --but that was a really small
piece of EZO.

I just don't use them anymore, and advise everybody to avoid them
like the plague.  And now YOU know why!  Household ammonia can
help loosen rust (if there's no aluminum involved.  Another
useful tool is the hand impact driver --but at the stage you're
at, only if you can cut a deep groove in the bolt to get a grip
on.  If you get one, try for a 3/8" drive and get the bit
assortment --it's more generally useful IME than the 1/2" version
in that more of your sockets and miscellany will fit.