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re: pressure/damper hose for bomb query - 5k

I agree with Fred...no need to replace hi pressure line cause it's rusty.
The rust probably hasn't caused the bolt to sieze or anything like that.
Leaking would be another story.

It isn't clear from what Fred wrote, but...

The switch to O-ring type fittings started in '89.
The O-ring type hose ends/banjo bolts cannot be used with the components
(bomb/pump/rack) designed to seal with metal washers.  
The O-ring seals require a much larger mating surface.

It >may< be possible to seal with metal washer type hose-end/banjo bolts on
the newer (larger) mating surfaces but I don't know.
Dave Conner
Columbus, OH 
87 5KS
89 100E (leaking - new rack on order from Jorgen - $185, pump rebuild kit
86 4KCSQ 
91 200Q Avant (For Sale)

"Fred Munro" wrote:
Hi Geo;

    Going for the bomb, eh?  Isn't the large fitting you mentioned a banjo
bolt fitting? On your '87 I think this is sealed with aluminium crush
washers - on the later model bombs it is sealed with 2 o-rings. I would
think that once you had this apart, you would find the hose and fitting is
OK, although externally rusty.
    Doesn't the pressure/damper hose come apart where the damper valve is
located? Maybe you can replace the lower half of the hose only. If you get a
new one, the bomb banjo fitting will be grooved for o-rings, so get the
required o-rings as well.

Have a blast!

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Date: Tuesday, October 13, 1998 8:08 PM
Subject: pressure/damper hose for bomb query - 5k

>I'm about to do the bomb replacement and the connectors are all
>corroded.  I don't want to frig with them.  I called around and these
>parts - pressure/damper hose and pressure line - are dealer only.
>Former is $120 cdn.
>"Are you sure we're talkin' about the same part?"
>"I believe so."
>Latter is about ten bux, I can live with that.
>Does anyone know of a cheap way around this?  The salt has taken its
>toll on the fittings and the bottom part of the lines.  Maybe I should
>just get an inline connector and new fittings.  One is basically a
>brake line but the other is bigger (pressure/damper hose).  What size
>is it?  Perhaps one of you has one sitting around all dressed up with
>no place to go?
>Any input is appreciated.