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Re: Sorry to bore you Phil Payne

> In a message dated 10/14/98 3:06:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time, quk@isham-
> research.demon.co.uk writes:

Once again, these things are in the works.
I'm trying to procure enough disk space to be able to
hold the entire archives as single message files, which
I can't do now.  This will allow you to search for
"4000 brake warp" and pull up all the relevant emails.
You will lose the ability to thread unless I can find
something better - ideally the dejanews interface would
be perfect, but they don't sell that technology.

I have a list of volunteers for general and model FAQs.
If you're willing to spend some time, let me know and I'll
get you started.

| Dan |
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