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RE: tune up kit

Would someone happen to know if the triple electrode plugs still actually
draw a single arc to the closest or easiest to arc to electrode or does it
actually produce multiple arcs?  (I guess I could test this myself.  I do
have a EE degree.  It should come in useful for something like this.)


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> > Is there that much of advantage using the triple electrode plugs versus
> the
> > standard plugs?
> They last longer.
> IMO the only reason is that erosion is distributed across three
> electrodes rather than one.  It means that they are supposed to last
> three times as long, but of course you also get to drive three times
> as far on crappy plugs when they _do_ reach end of life.
> Also IMO - I suspect single electrode plugs changed more frequently are
> a better option for the caring home mechanic - who probably has the
> plugs out half a dozen times or so during their lifetime.
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