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Re: "Oh Wise Listers...."

In message <8825669D.005034CE.00@mta01.amdahl.com> Bob_Beach@notes.amdahl.com writes:

> The Audi god, "Audi-ekia" has frowned once again on me.  My '93 90CS is in
> the shop...Ugh....again!  Monday night I noticed a rough idle shake when
> I'm at a stop and a slight hesitation when I step on the accelerator.  My
> mech is checkin it out.....when I talked to him yesterday afternoon, he
> confirmed it's missing a bit at idle, but hadn't found the prob
> yet...cheked the plugs, compression, other things I can't remember.....all
> ok so far....now he's checkin the injectors....gawd I'm scarred (($$))....

Sounds like a simple furgled idle switch.

 Phil Payne
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