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Re: Quattro's

As soon as you drive one in the snow or even quickly in the dry you'll see
what we mean. As for the 87 5Kq, I own one myself and since I've found the
right places to get parts it is not expensive to own.
Drive fast,

>I own a plain Jane 86 5ks..........non-quattro and live in upstate NY where
>is a fact of life for over 6months out of the year.
>As long as I have a decent set of tires on this car, it pretty much goes
>through anything.
>I've been watching with interest at the discussion lines on this list
>talking about the inherent
>handling superiority of the quattro system under all driving conditions and
>I'm starting to weaken,
>BUT I'm having a hard time justifying the extra cost associated with
>quattro's versus the basic fwd
>Everytime I try to find parts, the first thing they ask me is......."Is it
>a quattro?" which translates into
>" Empty all of your wallet on the counter or just part of it".
>Do you guys REALLY feel that the AWD setup is that much better and worth
>the extra bucks in keeping this
>already expensive beast roadworthy?
>I would appreciate your experiences and input as I have my eyes on a well
>worn 87 5kq of a co-worker and am wavering on whether to buy the car from
>him at some point.