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Re: Sunroof stuck in 'tilt up' position

If your car is anything like the 5k's, there is a way to open up the area where
the sunroof motor is, and use the enclosed crank to manually shut it.  Your
problem sounds like a fuse, or loose relay under the dash.

If you have the manual to the car it should give detail on how to close it

86 5ktq

Greg East wrote:

> The sunroof on my '86 4kq is stuck in the 'tilt up' position. When I push
> the sunroof switch in either direction nothing happens. Fortunately, it's a
> nice day in Colorado today, but I'd sure like to get it closed... Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks in advance.
> Greg East
> Loveland, CO
> '86 4kcsq