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Re: Audi Gamma Radio Questions - 92 100S

Actually, the '92 100 (S4/A6/S6) has two antennas, front and rear. The
front is the wire that you see running around the edge of the windshield
(passenger side), and the rear are the top 2 or 3 lines of the defroster.

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 41k mi <- in for repairs...

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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 08:16:57 EDT
From: AUDI1OO@aol.com
Subject: Re: Audi Gamma Radio Questions - 92 100S

  I have a 91 audi 100 with an aftermarket radio.  My radio also has two
  inputs, but I have only one antenna (not a surprise).  Just plug your
  into any input and it should work fine.