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RE: Audi to go rallying again wishfull thinking

it would have to be a pretty inventive board proposal to herr piech.  let me
see "her piech, i know that we have vw competing in rallying in formula 2,
and both seat and skoda are embarking on a fully-fledged wrc attack next
year, but wouldn't it be a great idea to give audi another go?  i mean,
after the le mans effort has finished prehaps?  i'm sure that bmw and m-b
will follow our lead and enter rallying".

mmmmm, not a carear enhancing move i think.

sorry, but audi's rallying days are long since gone.  it's target is bmw and
m-b.  they have no interest in rallying and are not likely to have any.  so,
for audi, this means circuit/sports car racing until further notice.  there
is obvious mileage for seat and skoda in brand image and awareness in
rallying and being successful(just look at subaru).  there is however, a
long way to go for those cars to begin winning.  however, i was *very*
impressed with the seats on the recent nz international rally.

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> Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 07:19:08 GMT
> From: quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne)
> In message <018501bdf6fc$c0b375e0$de5d369d@4RINGS> "Joe Rae" writes:
> > Gee wouldn't it be cool for Audi to take the a3/s3 and go rallying. Gee
> > then they may have to sell it in the states..... ;]
> The Audi marque will not rally again until spectator controls are
> improved.
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