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RE: Audi to go rallying again wishfull thinking

the days of engineering a road car and going wrc-championship hunting are
gone.  with the relaxed wrc build rules, toyota (this year) and ford and
peugeot (next year) have/will front with spec-built cars which cost a
fortune and are very, very special rally cars.

also a quote from the net on audi's immediate motorsport plans....

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

"Audi aim for more than Le Mans Audi could enter its open-top Le Mans racer
in a full series of events in 2000. 

"Motorsport boss Dr Wolfgang Ullrich said he was looking at a number of
series around the world with a view to a full campaign the season after
next, but for 1999, he said, Audi would concentrate on the Le Mans 24 Hours.
Ullrich refused to comment on plans for an FIA sportscar sprint championship
in Europe next year, but he did admit that he found Don Panoz's ideas for
the Le Mans series 'very interesting'. 

"The Audi motorsport chief hinted that an attack on the American series in
2000 was one possibility. The North American market, he said, represented a
'big hole' in Audi's motorsport coverage. The marque's last major programme
in the US was in the late-'80s. 

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> > sorry, but audi's rallying days are long since gone.
> Oh, I don't know.  The S3 would make a good development platform.
> (What's all the fuss about this 'TT' thing?)
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