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R&T, November edition

Arrived home today and the new Road and Track was waiting in the
mailbox. On the cover, the new TT. 

I've briefly read-over the article and it goes into much greater depth
than the recent Car and Driver write-up. It's a "full-test" featured
article with lots of pictures. This article is far more positive about
the TT than the other articles I have seen. Worth a good look, imho. 

I think I've found my future car (when the Q, 225bhp, Roadster version
arrives). Boxstah..who needs a Boxstah..:) Let's see, after graduation I
need to make how much to afford the payments?...hmmm...maybe I *will*
concentrate in Finance. :)

There is also a 4 sedan comparo, which included the A6 against the
Chrylser 300M, the Lexus GS300, and the Saab 95-SE. I haven't read the
article yet, but did skip to the "results" section. I won't spoil it,
but the results did cause a involuntary eye-brow raise. 

The "Ampersand" section, the one about upcoming autos, also had a full
size artist's rendering of what Audi's new LeMans effort will look like.
The short blip on it mentioned that the racer will be inspired by the
Avus and developed with Cosworth. I wonder if Audi will be using any
assistance from the newly acquired Lamborghini for this...

Finally, my favorite automotive writer, Peter Egan has a very long story
about heading east in his newly restored 356. 

I will have a hard time ignoring this magazine tonight as I try to
finish my Economic Analysis problem...ooh the temptation.

This looks like a good issue to pick up if you don't subscribe to the
Sorry if this has been covered before.

P.S. Anybody know what the "new fast acting Quattro system" is? I didn't
realize that people considered the current (and past) Q systems as

-Osman Parvez
89 200q, 175K. 
Albany, NY