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Great Quattro road

	I had two great dices with 2 different WMB drivers on the same road over
the last 2 days-

Where: Sawmill Parkway, in NY state.
Me: Stock 93 S4.
Competition: New 540i, and 328i, lowered w/aftermarket wheels.
Conditions: Sporadic drizzle- just enough to make it interesting.

	For those of you that don't know it, the Sawmill Parkway is a relatively
narrow, 4 lane divided highway. It doesn't really have a lot of straight
sections, and it's over undulating terrain, so there are kinds of good
uphill, downhill, etc. turns. There aren't really any tight turns, just
nice, fun, high speed sweepers, 55 MPH speed limit (allegedly).

	Anyway, I was doing a respectable clip, but both came up on me going about
10 mph faster. I tucked in behind and followed, at least initially. It's
just astounding how solid the S4 is, and how little drama there is in
running _very_ quickly. I had a blast running behind the 540, and decided
to be bolder with the 328, and passed him bigtime when he got caught up in
some slower traffic. After that, the 328 was using both lanes and taking a
racing line through turns where possible, but he was still losing ground.
(In the turns- no problem making it up it the straights- that car is QUICK!
Nice brakes too.)

	The high point was when the 328 and I got caught in a light towards the
bottom end of the Parkway. He pulled up next to me, rolled down his window,
and shouted "You could at least ACT like you're trying!!" with great
semi-mock frustration. Hee Hee. I'm still grinning like an idiot. When's
the next track event?