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5KTQ- Died- ECU?

I have a 86 (late 85-IThink) which died going down the road at 65MPH. It
seemed to just turn off.
The person I have working on it first said it was the hall effect sensor
- then the sensors on the bell housing -
now it's the computer(the ECU I understand). The problem seem to be
finding a used one. The unit has a part number of 035 905 383S and a
5415(it was located in the passenger foot well area). The dealer in my
area did not list this part number. Thus I now have some questions
concerning this.

1.  Is it really the ECU or could there be another problem?
2. Can the ECU be repaired or updated with an after market unit?
3. What ECU's will replace this unit.

Note: The car has 160K Miles and had the head redone about 1K miles ago
along with a new timing belt.
I'm having withdrawal  after a month-I miss driving it!

Thanks for any help you can supply :-)