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RE: Audi to go rallying again wishfull thinking

one further thing about the vw cars being used in rally'ing during 1999 is
that the skoda effort will be based on the octavia which is the a4-type
platform, while the seat will be based on the golf/a3-type platform.

seat will have peiro liatti (fresh from his fighting 2nd in the san remo),
and harri rovanpera, while skoda will have armin schwarz.  rovanpera looks
good imho...

the seat (rovanpera) had it's competition debut on tarmac in the san remo
and failed to finish.  he abandoned on stage 3.  he was 1 minute down after
2 stages.

afaik, both car use/will use the prodrive-developed rally awd system (active
etc).  prodrive have developed most of subaru's decent bits over the years,
and still run the subaru wrc effort.  the motor of the skoda is develoed by
moutoune (who do all ford wrc rally engines).  maybe the door trims wil be
production?  not likely though.  can't remember who does seat's engines.
not the same people who did the f2 car...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q