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RE: Subject: Re: 4kq Center Muffler

Yep, my experience too.

Original exhaust on my 4kq ('87) lasted about 6 years (120k miles). replaced
it with a Blau unit, which did bolt up perfectly and looked original, it
lasted about 18+ months or 30k miles. Makes the dealer item look cheap if
you price it by the mile or month.


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> Stop.  Don't buy anything just yet. I just ordered and
> installed a  WHOLE
> cat-back system for my 4kq from Blau for $300 a few weeks
> ago.  Comes with
> all hardware and it fits.  Heavy construction, proper Ansa
> silencer/resonator (just like OE).
> Hung it in a half hour with Paul Royal's assistance (and Tim
> O'Neils lift
> and oxy-acetylene torch).
> -------------
> My stock Leistritz exhaust lasted about 90k miles; replaced
> with an Ansa which
> lasted about 25k miles, replaced with another Leistritz which
> lasted 70k ++