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'92-'95 O/S temp sensor part # needed

Sorry for the continued waste of bandwidth, but my problems with my outside
temp display continue. With my new sensor, the display only reads in C. My
car has manual climate control, so I cannot switch between C and F using the
AC control head. I believe there are two separate sensors for cars with
manual climate control, one for C and one for F. The sensor that I was sent
was P/N 4B0 820 535A, and it reads in C. Anyone out there with a '92-'95
100/90 series with manual climate control and an outside temp display that
reads in F that could get me the P/N off their sensor? The sensor a 2 wire
sensor that is on the front driver's side of the radiator. I'd really
appreciate it. TIA!

'92 100S (75k and really familiar with F temp = 9/5 C temp + 32!)