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Re: Subject: Re: 4kq Center Muffler

In a message dated 10/15/98 01:18:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time, bbell04@ibm.net

> I stand by my numbers, the exhaust I received from Blau was most likely not
>  Leistritz, I suspect Ansa. At any rate 6 years divided by 18 months
>  rationalizes the Dealer Item even if it is 3X more expensive. There are
>  other options too like Brosal .. I bought one of these for my son's '84,
>  quite the perfect fit; but, seems to be a quality piece. Just make sure you
>  know what you are buying before spending the bucks.

What I was stating was that the german Leistritz is also available
aftermarket, and lasts like the factory part (also made by Leistritz).  The
price of the aftermarket Leistritz is much less than the audi part (half to
one third?), although they are identical, and it would only be worth buying
the audi part if they offered a great warrantee (and you planned on driving
long enough to need it.  Probably twice.)  My leistritz lasted over 70k miles,
to when I sold it (still looked new...well, it was a little dirty; for all I
know it's still fine).  Think I got the Ansa years ago from Imparts; got the
Leistritz through German Parts and Restoration.  Don't try Leistritz USA
themselves, as they claim they can't get it....
BTW, if the center part is bad, expect the rear part to fail soon after.  IME,
the inside of the rear muffler breaks down before it rusts out... easiest to
replace the whole thing.