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Re: upgradiing 200 TQW stereo

Will aftermarket stereos work with the wagon's antenna amp?

'90 200qw (new rebuilt delta radio)

>From: "Lawson, Dave" <dlawson@ball.com>
>To: quattro List <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>Subject: upgradiing 200 TQW stereo
>Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 15:07:40 -0600
>I have a question about installing a head unit into my 1990 200 
>TQWagon non-bose. I previously had the stock audi cassette/receiver, 
>but removed it and gave to a friend. I have 3 heads sitting around 
>which can be installed.
>Option A - Denon 53something removable cassette deck, 4 speaker
>level outs and rear pre-amp outs
>Option B - Nakamichi TD300 cassette deck with single pre-amp out with 
>external Nak pre-amp splitter/fader, needs four amplified channels
>Option C - Sony XKR100 cassette deck, 4 preamp outs, needs four 
>amplified channels
>I have the crutchfield adapter harness' and some special signal box 
>crutchfield said I needed to interface to the rear speakers in Audi 
>I also have a 4-channel Alphasonic amp and 2 2-channel Proton amps
>sitting on a shelf. I also have an old style Audi RF CD changer which I 
>planning on putting in. It works and the price was right. 
>Is any particular setup easier to integrate into the Audi system using 
>stock rear amp? Should the stock rear amp not be used? or removed? 
>Where is it located in the wagon? Has anyone found a good place to 
>mount amps in a wagon?
>Looking for some helpful hints...
>Dave Lawson

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