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Re: upgradiing 200 TQW stereo

>>Will aftermarket stereos work with the wagon's antenna amp?
>>'90 200qw (new rebuilt delta radio)
Yep -- I've got an type-44 TQW with a Sony CD player. It works fine with the
stock antenna (well, as fine as a Fuba _can_ work).

BTW, my antenna was blown (no AM reception at all), so I did the an
antenna-amp bypass procedure that I got from the Corrado list.  Essentially,
you pry open the antenna base, chip out the melted tiny amp, then solder in
a jumper wire (I can post the full directions if desired). It was a pretty
easy way to get my AM back. I later installed a brand new Fuba that I got
via trade. The new antenna is nice and shiny, but of dubious value. I
noticed pretty much _no_ improvement in reception over the old, jumpered-amp

As for stereo amps, I too installed one in the pass side hatch compartment.
I actually screwed a 1/4" plywood board to the body sheetmetal (the first
layer of the two layer body sections.), then mounted a 4x30 ADS amp to the
board. That fixes the amp out of the way and gave me enough room to stick a
powered Bazooka tube in the compartment. The Bazooka tube doesn't have the
punch of a big sub (or even what it would have just mounted in the open in
the hatch area), but it's stealthy and still has plenty of bass for my
Critters Buggin' and Pavement CDs.

Rock on.


89 200tqw