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Yet another strange Quattro QUIRK!!!

Hi all, just a few questions about another strange phenomenon that has been
very elusive in reconciling.  On my 85 4ksq- I've had struts, sub-frame
bushings and ball joints replaced and tires aligned and balanced.  I'm still
getting this weird steering wheel wobble and shake at times-certain speeds.
I had the rims checked ant the tires re-balanced to no avail.
    Also- a wheel shake occurs when applying brakes but rotors were just
cut.  I think steering wheel symptom and the brake symptom are related
because sometimes the two things don't occur at all, then they just
miraculously appear.  I can't figure this but I'm trying to replace things
in a logical/cost effective manner. I wish I could afford to replace all the
rubber under the car.  Basically, are there any bushings that, if gone bad,
could cause both a wheel shake/wobble while driving at certain speeds and
while braking at certain speeds?  Sorry about the rambling.  Any thoughts
are greatly appreciated as usual.

Thomas Turse
Boulder, CO
85 4ksq