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Fog Light Rigging............

At 03:51 PM 10/15/98 +0000, Rich wrote:
>Hi Listers!
>Hope everybody is enjoying a nice fall season. On the A4.org website there
>is a description about how to modify the operation of the fog lights (in an
>A4) so that they are available to be used with the high beams as well. Does
>anybody know whether the procedure is the same for the 90? Actually what I
>would really like to do is mod the fog lights so that they could be used
>with the headlights totally off. Thanks for your help!
>Rich Salz
>'95 90 Quattro Sport 
>VT Plate "24TRACK"

On my 93 100CSQ i have foglights in the bumper...  I just took out the fog
light relay and put in a 15 amp fuse, and jumpered two of the connections
together...  But now that i have 100w h3 bulbs in there, the fuse and wire
melted so i had to go with a 30 amp fuse now the wire doesn't even get hot...

Levent Cur
'93 100CS Quattro 5spd (Mine) 93,500 Miles (Mint)
'87 5000CS Turbo Auto (Sister's) 199,946 Miles (Very Near Mint)