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RE: 5KTQ- Died- ECU?

Greg said;

> I have a 86 (late 85-IThink) 
Does the climate control head have off, low, auto, high, defrost, rear
defrost in that order?  If so it is an early 86.  If not, it is a late 86.
Is your ecu a MAC-10 or MAC-11?

> 1.  Is it really the ECU or could there be another problem?
> 2. Can the ECU be repaired or updated with an after market unit?
> 3. What ECU's will replace this unit.
MAC-10 or MAC-11 should do the trick.  But I doubt it is the ECU.  Manifold
ground wire?

Gary Lewis 
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86 5Kcst 5sp 1.8 Bar 200km Saphire
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