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RE: Temp Question


I listed similar problems with our coupe on the 20v list.  Same deal.
Intermittant Coolant Level Low idiot light.  Level was fine.  This happened
for a period of a couple of weeks.  One trip even involved wife and friend
driving 900 miles in it over the weekend.  Next drive was catastrophic...

I cannot recommend continuing to drive the car until you figure out the
cause.  Our EFFECT was to have the wife pull over with NO coolant remaining
in the car.  I think much too late (i.e. seized).

The point is, if your's does the same thing it is not something to mess
with.  One of the times the light comes on the car may immediately lose all

YMMV, or it may not...

Derek Daily
90 CQ (waiting for tow)
86.5 VW qsw


I have a 90 Coupe and yesterday the water temp whistle went off. I saw the
was low on water, and oil. I toped off the water and added oil. It still
whistles on the highway intermitently, but the water is at a good level. I
don't think I have a leak, probably something wrong with the thermostat.