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Re: the audi vs bmw thing...

At 09:43 AM 10/16/98 +1300, Eaton Dave wrote:
>also, bear in mind that bmw has only 1 m-car available today; the m3 which
>is based still on the e36.  the e46-based m3 is still 2 years away.  the s4
>is now avialable, as is the m-b c43.   the m5 will debut around the same
>time as the s6 and both will have similar hp specs.  there is no bmw
>competitor to the s8 or the e55, or the s3 for that matter.

BMW has 2 m-cars available.  They also have the M-coupe(of who's looks I
actually like).

I agree with your overall sentiment though.

Paul Wilson