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Re: tune up

Todd Joseph wrote:
 > >2. Spray with Simple Green (all over and around old plug). The new
> >foaming nozzle works well on the spray bottle.
> What is the purpose of this?  Doesn't the simple green get down into
> the plug housing?

Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention..drying the area around the plug with
a rag before pulling the plug. 

Good idea about pulling out the old vaccum. I never thought of that.
There were dead bugs in the recesses of my spark plug housings too.

Gary wrote:

>> I just changed my plugs the other night. I used the Bosch Platinums.
>> They were $1.79/each at Pep Boys, same price at Autozone.
>Hi Osman,
>If your car starts running rough or missing, change these plugs first.
>of folks have had trouble with them on turbo cars.  The reason they are >so
>cheap is that they really are.  The Bosch or NGK's triple seem to work >real
>well.  Not trying to be a know-it-all, and I hope the plugs work out for

Damn know it all ;). Where we you the other day when I was buying spark
plugs! <G>

I never heard that the Bosch Platinums were cheap plugs. I always
thought that Platinum plugs were better than "normal" plugs. I did
notice a bit of a stumble when I installed them, but I figured it was
just my corroded wires that need to be replaced. 

If the problem persists, I will replace again. Neither store listed
"Triple" plugs as an application for my 89 200q. They had "Bosch Super"
and NGK, but neither had the word "Triple" in it. Hmmm....

The plugs that came out my car were the Bosch Super. 

P.S. While doing the "tune-up", I recommend giving the hoses etc a good
look over. I found that the upper radiator hose's clamp was rubbing the
return line from the reservoir. It had chisseled into it a bit. I would
probably have not noiticed it until it cut all the way though. 

Thanks for the info folks.

-Osman Parvez