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Re: License to....

While I object to war terminology on cars, anti German objections are
ludicrous. If any country has jumped through hoops of fire to make up for
the war it's Germany! Having lived in Israel, I have seen an
extraordinary effort to set things right. The German government still
pays war reparations to both Holocaust survivors and their direct
descendants. More reparations were given to Israel in the form of cars
and trucks. More recently Germany gave, repeat gave Israel a brand new
nuclear submarine! 

Irregardless of these facts, you buy a car from the people who live there
now, not 50 years ago. Maybe you hate things Germany did in the past,
don't take it out on their grandchildren!

I personally would feel uncomfortable using German on a plate since I am
not a German national, nor do I speak the language. "Macht shnell" hasn't
been heard around our house for a generation. I have heard non English
speakers try to get cute using American slang and it didn't feel very

On Wed, 14 Oct 1998 22:03:29 EDT DOUBLDz@aol.com writes:
>>>>As to the plates... there are a number of people who think buying 
>cars is morally wrong.  These people will also be offended by your
>proposed plates. 

Adam Nelson '85 4000S, Blaupunkt cassette, Starbucks go cup, '69 Beetle,
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Columbus, Ohio

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