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Correct 16" wheel / tire combo for a CQ?

Hi q-heads....

I have been trying to get a definite confirmation on what tire will or
will not work wit h16" wheels on my CQ.
The stock tire size for the CQ is 205/60 -16 = which equates to a 24.6"
rolling diameter.
As for tires for 7.5 x 16" wheels, the closet match for rolling
diameters are...
205/55 -16 = 24.8"   <---  this is what Tire Rack said I should use.
225/50 -16 = 24.8"
245/45 -16 = 24.68"
One CQ owner said he is running 225/45 -16's...  this has a 23.97" R.D.

Granted, the 245 would be way to wide and would most likely rub on the
fenders, but I still find it hard to believe that a 222/50 -16 would not
work on the CQ... I mean, we're talking about a difference in width of
20 mm right?!  Would it make a difference on the suspension setup?  Mine
will be quite stiff, while the lister that told me they rubbed was
running a stock setup.

I guess I'll be going for the 205/55 16's unless someone can convince me


'90 CQ20V

P.S. = Does anyone know what ABT "NC" wheels look like?  They are 5
spoke... that is all I know.  If you have a pic of them, I'd love to see