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Re: Lots of Audis at work

The other day I got in my 4kq and was leaving the parking lot and there
was another 4kq parked there. I stopped, got out and started scribbling
a note with e-mail address and q-list inquery etc, then I realised that
a new guy had started work today. I went back in and asked "Jim, what
kind of car do you drive?" and he replied, "An Audi, why?" Hehe, it's
about time I have someone around that can appreciate my enthusiasm. That
makes 2 q's out of about 50 cars in the lot. It's really fun parking
them next to eachother. To bad they can't reproduce.

Todd Young wrote:
> Walked outside to leave work yesterday, and what do I see? A '90 Audi
> Coupe Quattro. Man did I have to control the drool factor. Luckily I
> still have my 35mm camera in my trunk (with film) and I pulled it out
> and snapped some pictures. It was pretty cool, two pearl white Audis in
> the same area of the parking lot. I'll have to send out a company wide
> email to find out who owns it and get them onto the QList with the rest
> of us fanatics. There is now approximately 1 Audi for every 49 regular
> cars in our parking lot.
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