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V8 for sale

Hello q-listers:

I have accepted a job that provides a company car.  It's going to
stink going to a white Taurus, but it's free.  Unfortunately, because
of this, I have to sell my 1990 V8 quattro.  I have a much more
complete description of the car at the web link below, so I'll just
hit the high points;

Bose/Audi AM/FM cassette
Sony 10 Disc CD Changer w/wireless and wired remote
All original paint
No rust, nice body (pics on the link below)
Everything works
Cold AC
134,900 Miles
Timing Belt/Water pump at 90K
UFO Brakes (pulse free, work fine)
Brake conversion kit available at additional cost
New Hydraulic pump
Original Press Kit, service fiche
Complete service history since new
Serviced by the book

This is a very nice V8!  The car is located in Southern Ohio.  I'm
asking $8,950 for the car, and $800 for the brake conversion kit.  I
will not sell the brake kit or anything else separately until the car
is gone.  If it is still available after I sell the car, I will post
it to the list.  A much more complete description of the kit and the
car are available at the link below.


Any questions about the car or problems getting to the web site?  My
email is dglanz@yahoo.com, and my telephone number is (513) 731-3791.


Douglas P. Glanz

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