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Re: Vanity thy name is..........

"Jouko Haapanen" <joukoh@vtoy.fi> wrote:

>50 bucks?!?!  A custom plate made up of one to three letters, dash and one
>to three numbers, except no combinations of one letter and one number are
>allowed (i tink this is turning into a run-on sentence) costs freaking USD
>1000.00 here.  Hence, my Urq was christened ZBE-111 back in '88 and the
>Carrera BKH-911 (funny coincidence) in '89 and I'm sticking with it.  Oh,
>another thing - the plates are not transferable - just as all plates here
>they stay with the car unless you wanna put up the FIM 5000+ again.

>I think the guys in the penitentiary are paid too well.

OK, but at least you can get special plates. Here in Holland, your car is
issued a plate without any special combinations- just the way it comes out
in the sequence. Good for stealth, not when you like to get something
One advantage of this system is that you can tell a car's age from its
plates- unless it's a recent import or has otherwise been re-registered.

The plate stays with the car until the car expires.