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Re: Disintegrating steering wheel

> >>I can't sew, so I'm going to give the local shoe and zipper repair guy a
> >>call. He's a old-world type guy, in his late 60's. I figure if anyone
> >>can handle it, he can.

two comments - one - wheels are pretty easy to get at junkyards, I got
an 85 for $40 and then later an '88 80 one for $50 (I think).  Both fit
the coupe easily, the 80 one has to have the turn signal pin thingie
swapped from your old wheel.

two - I once put a leather cover on my 83 5kt.  Was used to it from the
80 5k.  It was a long strip with holes on each side, sewed on in about
an hour maybe and lasted till I got rid of the car 6 years later.  Wish
i remembered where I got it, about $20?

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT