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Re: 4kq body moldings and tailights

> I'm in the midst of some paint resoration on my girlfriends '85 4000q.
> questions that have come up:
> what is the best way to r+r the side moldings on the doors?

hahaha, OK, I'm going to try to do it someday too.  Removal sucks,
theoretically ruins the metal strip.  Peel up and then remove gunk with
a special razor blade tool that isn't supposed to scratch the paint

Install with RTV or something.  A new set for a coupe (6 pcs) retails
for about $400.

> when removing the tailights, I assume I will have to deal with some sort
> of sealing cauk or something?  What is the best way to go about removing
> and replacing the seal?  What products would you recomend?

3M strip-calk.  I think the part number is buried somewhere in my web
site.  About $15? for 60 1 foot pieces in a box.  I attached my logo to
my trunk with two years ago.  Still there.  Attached Audi logos (from
defunct side moldings) to my wheel center caps with it a month ago. 
Still there!

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT