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Re: Fog Light Rigging............

Hairy green toads from Mars made Buchholz, Steven say:

> ... remember however that now, rather than having the dash switch activate a
> relay ... probably needing to handle no more than a few tens of milliamps of
> current in order to do so ... you are now asking the switch to support the
> entire current drawn by the lights!  I don't know the rating of the switch,
> but I doubt it is anywhere near the approximately 15 amps that you are
> asking it to do for 200 watt lights.

Not according to the Bentley. This seems like a boneheaded design.
The switch doesn't power up the relay, the relay is powered up by
the low beam circuit, and it supplies power (through a fuse) to
the switch, which always handles the full fog light power.
Jumpering out the relay makes the car Euro-spec, just supplying
power directly from the 31 (ignition-on power) to the switch.

The same stupid design is used for the rear window defogger,
which doesn't have a relay at all!


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