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RE: Fog lights and '95 90 Quattro Sport

Rich Salz said:
Hi Listers!
Hope everybody is enjoying a nice fall season. On the A4.org website there
is a description about how to modify the operation of the fog lights (in an
A4) so that they are available to be used with the high beams as well. Does
anybody know whether the procedure is the same for the 90? Actually what I
would really like to do is mod the fog lights so that they could be used
with the headlights totally off. Thanks for your help!

Rich Salz
'95 90 Quattro Sport 
VT Plate "24TRACK"
I was the one who wrote that FAQ on A4.org site, and I learned how to do it
from the 20V home page.  They have a detailed FAQ on how to do it to a 90Q
20V, and i'm sure the procedure is the same on your 90V6.  Go to
http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/3229, and look under
modifications; lights, and you will find  the instructions.

Better yet, the instructions on the 20V page will allow you to have the fogs
on anytime the car is on, where the A4 FAQ will allow you to have the fogs on
when the brights are on, but you still can't have them on without the lights.
I have yet to figure that out......

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