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Re: tune up

Osman Parvez wrote:

> Todd Joseph wrote:
>  > >2. Spray with Simple Green (all over and around old plug). The new
> > >foaming nozzle works well on the spray bottle.
> >
> > What is the purpose of this?  Doesn't the simple green get down into
> > the plug housing?
> Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention..drying the area around the plug with
> a rag before pulling the plug.
> Good idea about pulling out the old vaccum. I never thought of that.
> There were dead bugs in the recesses of my spark plug housings too.

This is why I waited to change my plugs until I visited my parents. My dad's air
compresser make short work of cleaning out the spark plug recesses and just
general "cleaning" of the top of the engine. If you don't have an air compressor
available, maybe you can stop at a service station and sweet talk them into
blowing the dirt/junk out for you.

> If the problem persists, I will replace again. Neither store listed
> "Triple" plugs as an application for my 89 200q. They had "Bosch Super"
> and NGK, but neither had the word "Triple" in it. Hmmm....
> The plugs that came out my car were the Bosch Super.

I just went in and asked for Bosch plugs for my car. The part number they came
up with was the triple electrode stock plug. I still had to order them, as they
didn't have them in stock.

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