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Thanks and ...a new question!


	Just wanted to thank everyone for their help with my recent brake
problems.  The problem turned out to be a blow in the rt rear brake
cylinder, which was causing the system to leak.  Also, the bomb was indeed
shot.  Its all been fixed, and it stops great now.  Although I didn't do
the repairs myself, the information you all gave me made me better informed
to explain the problem.  Thanks to everyone.

My new problem, is not nearly as serious (I hope) --

It's starting to get colder here at school in Pennsylvania, and the 5k is
starting real hard when cold.  It usually takes four or five tries to get
it running, and it usually stalls out the first couple of times before it
catches.  Once started, it runs beautifully, no problems.  If I start it
and get it running, then shut it off and start it again, it starts up
great.  Just that initial start is the problem.  I'm not sure that it needs
a tune up, because it runs fine.  I thought maybel there might be a sensor
that needs replaced, cleaned, etc.  I'll check Bentley's too, but I just
wanted to throw the question out.


PS- FYII had this problem starting it cold during the summer too, although
it was not nearly as bad.  Usually started after the second try.  The cold
weather has aggravated it and made it worse.  The battery is less than a
year old.