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Re: Fog lights and '95 90 Quattro Sport

>BTW, I pulled the jumper and just put the relay back in. I decided that I
>would only be using my fogs with the headlights, as I hate these boneheads
>think they are "cool" by driving around with only their fog lights on when
>they should have full headlights on. Too many people think headlights are
>for them to see the road, they forget that it is just an important for other
>people to see them.


I agree with much of what you say.  But...  There are times (especially on
very foggy mountain highways) when it is appropriate to drive with *just*
the fog lights on (in addition to marker lights, tail lights, etc. so that
I can be seen from behind).  This is why I wire my auxiliary fog lights so
that they can be operated with only the "parking lights" and the fog lights
turned on.  

There are also times when it is appropriate to operate the fog lights along
with the high beams and/or driving lights.  That's why I also installed a
DPST switch which allows me to choose to operate the fogs along with either
the parking lights or the high beams or not at all depending on conditions
at the time.  This allows the fogs and drivers or both (or neither) to be
operated with the dimmer switch.

Such a wiring scheme allows, IMO, much needed flexibility.  It also
requires conscious participation by the driver rather than just a turn 'em
on and forget 'em attitude.

Your point about "coolness" is well taken but don't forget that some of us
actually frequently encounter driving conditions which are not like driving
down a well-lighted city street and almost never encountered in a city.
I'm talking ***DARK*** here.  I'm talking pea soup fog or forest fire smoke
here.  I'm talking about any edge which might help spot that suicidal
Bambi-type approaching the dark highway at a full run from the shoulder
(assuming that there actually *is* a shoulder).  :-)  I'm not talking
"cool", I'm talking survival.

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