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Re: "Oh Wise Listers...." Final update

Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 18:43:41 -0400
From: "Steve Bigelow" <sbigelow@sprint.ca>
Subject: Re: "Oh Wise Listers...."

Andrew Duane USG wrote...

>$197 for an injector? $200 more for installation? Doesn't that
>sound a little steep?

>Sounds like a dealer part price.  I believe the $200 was for diagnosis,
>doesn't sound _to_  bad.....

Here's the scoop....diagnosis, bad injector #2, replace. Cost, 2 hours
diag, 1hour replace, @ $82/hr = $246 + $130 for part (and yes, I checked
with Linda at Carlson, who could have gotten one for $89, lesson learned,
get diagnosis, request part list, call Linda!) for total w/tax, $388 and
change....I've taken my cars to these guys for years, always been
reliable,(South Valley, Inc. in San Jose)  Seems to be good as new.

And now a little morning rant, if you'll allow:  I owned an '85 4k for a
couple of years before this '93 90CS, so I'm well aware of the price we
have to pay to own these fine automobiles, (I've been following the q list
since '96) ....however, to be honest with you guys, I'm gettin a little
nervous. I bought this last audi with only 49k on the od, and in the almost
6 months I've had it, I've put in almost $1100 smackers! (water pump,
timing belt, [which had to be done anyway] and now this injector) in
repairs.   I passed on the extended warranty (as I was taught to do) and am
wondering if that was a bad move on my part. If she's gonna continue to run
me $400-800 dollars every 3 months in repair bills, on top of car payment &
insurance, I may not be able to pull it off.

Sorry to whine...it's early here in CA, and I'm feelin a bit lite in the
hip pocket. I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet! I love my car, and
with the help of the "list", I'm sure I'll make it through this first
"gettin to know you" year of owning a new car.  She's got 56k on the od
now....and from what I know about Audi's, she's still a teenager....which
we all remember can be an awkward and rebelious time, right!? (Plus, her
prepubescent formative years were spent in LA, so I'm trying to teach her
to be less superficial here in Northern CA, which she apparently is
resisting by "testing" me with break downs!  ;-)

You all have a Great Audi weekend!
San Jose, CA