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License to...

Fellow Audians;

I've missed much of this thread and hope I don't end up jumping
in half-cocked,  but, as I practical matter, where does one draw
the line?  I shouldn't drive Audis (required content) or any
other German car for the reasons already stated.  I shouldn't
drive Japanese cars because they bombed Pearl Harbor and so
forth; I shouldn't drive American cars because they enslaved
blacks; displaced the original inhabitants in a heinous manner;
and are the only country on the planet to have used the atom bomb
against others.  More recently, we've learned that the Swiss
weren't as squeaky clean as we thought.

Query: is there any country on this planet that does not own a
major share of immorality?  I think not.  The unfortunate reality
is that all of us live in glass houses; there are skeletons in
everyone's closets; and none of us can afford to point fingers or
cast stones (enough cliches).  Hence, buying products based on a
country's moral history would leave one with very few choices.

IMHO, Germans design and build the best automobiles on the planet
and used Audis offer the best bang for my automotive buck.  If
any of us had to buy cars based on morality, we'd all be walking
every where.  My two cents....