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4Motion and 'Car' article

Hi All - A question about some new VW/Audi 4WD systems....In the October
1998 issue of the UK's 'Car' magazine, in a comparison test between and Alfa
GTV, Merc SLK, and the Audi TT Quattro, on page 95 is the following
paragraph, in reference to the TT Quattro...

"...In addition to quattro, the TT has a chip-controlled diff lock (EDS)
that checks the torque disribution between the front wheels.  Like the Golf
4Motion, the Audi coupe uses a new type of four-wheel drive system.  Its
centerpiece is a multi-plate clutch which masterminds the torque flow
between the axles.  Governed by a black box, the Haldex clutch is fast,
progressive and amazingly willing to permit power oversteer".

What's all this about Haldex clutches and 4Motion?  Is this different
technology than in the current A4/A6/A8 quattro systems?  Never heard of
'em...have I been living in a box?  Please, fill me in (and please oh please
oh please no more Tor*en threads)...

- John Legelis
Boston, USA
'97 A4Q