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quick correction to the BBS RC's FS note

When I said $2,000, I was referring to the total that Tire Rack wants for a
new set including shipping.  That was supposed to be a yardstick for

I am looking to get LESS than that  including shipping.  Sorry if that
caused any confusion.


>>Hey folks:
>>Selling one set of 8x17 BBS RC's in a polished finish-no tires included.
>>They are in beautiful shape and came off the V8 so they can complement a
>>host of vehicles from an A4 on up.  Put a set of 225/45-17 something on 'em
>>and you're ready.  Tire Rack wants $489 plus shipping new to go by so about
>>$2,000 total.  Make me an offer.
>>-Eric Friedman