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Used Mercedes Parts - No Audi content

>Used Mercedes Parts - No Audi content
>	Sorry for the non-Audi content, but does any lister know of a similar
>service/web site such as Dan's for Mercedes?  Or any reliable, reputable
>auto recyclers who specialize in Mercedes?  I need some parts (especially
>an airbag) for a family member with a 300E.
>	Any suggestins greatly appreciated.
>	Bryan Kamerer

Bryan - get a copy of Hemmings Motor News at the newstand - about $5 - just
FULL of exactly what you need.

Also - I'd get far, far away from any MB with air suspension. My approach
for dealing with them is to shake my head sadly and say I'm sorry, but I
really can't help you on this.

I used to own a 72 450SEL 4.5 with air suspension - lemme tellya, what a
HORRENDOUS maintenance nightmare! Everyone you asked said "Oh, you need a
compressor ($600)", and they were ALL wrong. There were three air valves,
one at each front wheel, and one in the middle of the rear axle, which
controlled the amount of air let into and out of the air bags which
replaced the springs. The valves had levers and adjustable links which let
you set the standing height of each front wheel and of the back of the car.
The links connected to the suspension arms, and controlled the valves. The
four air bags looked awful - black, dirty, cracked nasty things almost
impossible to replace because of totally rusted hardware, but THEY didn't
leak - the leaks were rusted out air lines and shaft seals on the
controller valves - at $350 each, estimated life and replacement interval
per M-B was 60,000 miles  - $1,100, please, plus labor - and WE bitch about
timing belts!

The seals to fix the valves were a set of five cent o-rings, but you had to
MAKE half a dozen trick tools to change them - 1/4" diameter pipe with
tangs on it - hollow screwdriver 6" long, that sort of stuff.

I honestly think this sort of exotic, tricky, finicky hardware really isn't
well suited for the real world, which as we well know is infested with
monkey lads, uncaring owners, large hunks of tire tread laying in the road,
snow, rust, etc. I think they built it mostly because they *could* - like
climbing Mount Everest "because its there" - and after all was said and
done, the ride wasn't THAT much different from plain old low tech, cheap,
never wear out, never need attention or lubrication simple dumb coil springs.

I *DID* get mine to work correctly (shows just how much of a lunatic I can
be if I put my mind to it), but I was VERY VERY GLAD to see that car GO
AWAY finally.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman