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regarding various seals used on T Belt cover/housing.

Hi Guys,

         My Audi ('86CD Quattro) sits contentedly in its' cozy, partially heated
garage - waiting for her owner to get his act in gear - and I look over the work
"in progress" which lead me to a few questions.

        At the bottom of the timing belt cover assembly, there are a number of
gasket-like materials that keep the interior of the valve cover housing clean.
My seals look kind of ratty and I would like to replace them. For those with
fiches, look at fiche #8 or 9.

        I've never heard this problem mentioned on the list. Are these items
considered non essential, the Audi price is resonable, and therefore not
mentioned...., or a homebrew method is used.

        I'm presuming one would want to keep this area clean, without threat of
debris being sucked in.

    Inquiring high milers would like to know.