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Re: Fog light operation

I certainly have no argument with what you say, Frank.  I was merely
suggesting that use of fog lights is not necessarily some heinous criminal
act.  I feel that my right is to use my fog lights as seems appropriate to
me.  I was pointing out some frequently encountered situations out here in
the boonies.  You point out a situation more frequently encountered in more
heavily populated areas.  Frankly, I'd rather hit a furry critter than a
human critter.  I'd really prefer to hit neither.  

Perhaps driving at 80 mph on a brightly lighted road surface doesn't
require much additional lighting.  I feel it requires a bit less speed but
that's the way DC traffic goes on the beltway.  Other listers appear to
resent fog light use under these conditions.  Hey, if they don't blind me
or others and if it helps you to see potential obstacles and hazards then
go for it.

It's my personal opinion that it is virtually impossible to have too much
light for night time driving as long as it is well aimed and properly
dimmed for other drivers.

>would you concede that fogs have an advantage whenever the the pattern is
>brighter than ambient conditions?
>or does this only apply to rural citizens?
>perhaps that on-rushing critter is a kid stepping off a sidewalk.

>do they have sidewalks in wbgv?  

Not out here within 3-4 miles of my home.  :-)  Pedestrians walk on the
road surface or a practically nonexistent gravel shoulder.  So do
equestrians.  The road adjacent to my property is a narrow winding one lane
paved road with a narrow shoulder on each side (perhaps 18 inches to 2
feet?).  This road is frequented by numerous school buses and tourist
(whitewater rafting) buses.  Keeps you on your toes.  The big city ( :-)
Fayetteville) near me does have sidewalks.  They even have three (count
'em, three) traffic lights and about 3,950 nice people and about 50 old
grouches.  :-)  And about 6 REOs. :-(  All grouches.

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