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Re: license plates...clever and inoffensive

In quattro-digest V4 #2923, Huw Powell wrote:

>> acceleration is the rate of change of speed of time, hence dx/dt**2.
>> take out the non-dmv characters and you have dxdt2.

>I still think it is d^2x/dt^2.  but I'll dig out the old Weeks and
>Adkins and refresh myself...  I just remember that there was a
>superscript 2 above and below, but that one was on the d... and I most
>certainly could be guilty of being blinded by the fog of time!

You're correct, Huw.  I'm currently taking a course in Control Systems,
and have recently finished courses in Advanced Circuits, Diff Eq, and
way too much calculus.  The second derivative of x wrt time is, in fact,
d^2x/dt^2.  If x represents position, the first derivative is
velocity, and the second derivative is acceleration.

ObAudi:  I've been putting lots and lots of audio in my 90q recently.
The 90 has a tiny trunk, but I've found places for five power amps,
and an 8" woofer where the ski sack used to be.  This weekend's
project:  a 1.5 farad capacitor across the amp power leads!