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200tq front speaker replacement

      I was in Best Buy yesterday and picked up a pair of Sony XS 3.5" speakers
for the front of my 200tq. Like $29 (not a huge investment), but I'm hoping
they will improve the overall sound in the car.  Right now it sounds very
unbalanced and a lot more sound comes from the rear.  Adjusting the fader
doesn't help this; it only makes it worse.  The front speakers just are weak!

      So, I hope these new speakers will help out a little and bring more sound
up front.  So, this afternoon I pulled the speaker grille off, unscrewed the
plate underneath, and then loostened the one nut holding one end of the speaker
in place.  Only problem....the other one is under some other part and I can't
see how to get to it.  Any advice shy of breaking the old speaker????  Any
advice on how to get the other end out???  How do I lossten that nut (or is
there one?)  I can't see it!  Any help would be great.  Thanks.

      '90 200tq