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New: VW Audi Forums at VW Vortex & A4.Org

VW Vortex V2 is now up and will be constantly updated through the month of
November, until we are totally under our new format. Perhaps the most
significant change is a new Forum section.

VWvortex has added discussion forums to the site as part of Version 2.0 that
went live last night. If you have ever used the discussion forums at
www.a4.org, this should be old hat for you. We have broken down the
discusion groups by Volkswagen model and platform. Check it out at

Also coming is a new Motorsport section updating you on VWAG brand sporting
campaigns like the SEAT Cordoba WRC, Skoda Octavia WRC, Bentley Millenium
Project (GT1), Audi GT1, Volkswagen F2 Rally Kit Car and any perceived
future in Touring Car.

Another new section will be the Resource section. This will now house
Project Passat 1.8T, an upcoming Long-Term Passat GLS V6, Links etc. etc.

Check it out all month to see the running changes and feel free to stop in
and join in on the forums to add to a conversation or start your own.

VW Vortex